Chitina Dipnetters Assn Donations Needed

The Chitina Dipnetters Association is an organization whose sole purpose is to promote and protect the Chitina Dipnet Fishery (CDF). The CDF feeds thousands of Alaskan residents in the Alaskan Interior and Railbelt areas. It is a vital resource for many of us and plays a substantial role in many Alaskans' ways of life. The Chitina Dipnetters Association both serves and depends on people! The CDA's strength comes from the members it represents. Join the CDA now! Annual dues are $20/year and help pay expenses associated with representing dipnetters at Board of Fish and other meetings. Donations are also required to cover our expenses.

When deciding how much to donate, consider that: buying a Copper River red salmon at the supermarket will cost you over $25 per fish. The CDA works to ensure you can continue to catch your own fish, stocking your freezer and feeding your family with natural food at a significant savings. In the past, we worked to repeal the $25/year fee for a dipnet permit. You get your money's worth out of the CDA!

We now accept credit/debit card donations through PayPal! Many people prefer to pay online or with their card. Of course, we still accept checks, just send them to the address below.

Donations over $20 receive a year free membership in the CDA!

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Or send your checks to:

Chitina Dipnetter's Association
POB 72665
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707

Thanks for your support!