Chitina Dipnet Hotline

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Fishing Report: Wed, Jul 29th at 7:26am

It is official today, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has closed the personal use dip net fishery through August 31. Sam and I are sorry for those of you who were not able to get any fish. We are very grateful for those of you who decided to go out even though we told you fishing might be slow. Lord willing we will be here next year with the same service you’ve come to expect from Hem and Copper river Charters. Thanks, Mark and Sam.

Fishing Report: Mon, Jul 27th at 7:39am

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been silent for the last week. It is very likely that dip netting will be closed for the month of August. It is closed all this week and we will find out on Wednesday what next week looks like. The number of fish passing the miles lake sonar are continuing to dwindle. They have been below 1400 fish for the last few days. We have closed off bookings until they announce another opener, at which time we will immediately open the reservation system again. For information about our charters you can go to,

Fishing Report: Wed, Aug 21st at 6:06am

Fishing Report: Sun, Aug 11th at 5:39am

Fishing turned out to be very good Saturday. The river is at a good level, we are seeing some of the biggest copper river reds that I have ever seen. Only 1 week left to book a charter with Sam and I. # fill the freezer.