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Fishing Report: Wed, Aug 21st at 6:06am

Fishing Report: Sun, Aug 11th at 5:39am

Fishing turned out to be very good Saturday. The river is at a good level, we are seeing some of the biggest copper river reds that I have ever seen. Only 1 week left to book a charter with Sam and I. # fill the freezer.

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Fishing Report: Thu, Aug 8th at 6:12pm

Predicting rivers is a tricky business. The river actually went down a little today and fishing turned out to be pretty good. Everyone got at least 30 fish per permit holder, some more. The next day or two should really tell what’s going to happen for next week. But I predict fishing will be excellent. I’ll let you know. These two Woodland firefighters got to take a break because of all the rain. They had an excellent time.

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Fishing Report: Wed, Aug 7th at 5:16pm

Well it looks like we’re having one of those catastrophic weather events again. The river has come up very fast it’s been hot and sunny the last few days fishing has slowed considerably although people are still bringing fish back. I believe the river will continue to come up and fishing will probably get even slower. We will continue to stay open although if you have reservations through Saturday and you would like to cancel we will refund your money. If you take a trip down here without canceling your reservations and things don’t change we will still allow you to cancel your reservations for a full refund. You can see I’ve had to move my boat into O’Brien creek.

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