BOF Meeting Summary

The Alaska Board of Fisheries met in Cordova, Alaska, December 3-8, 2014 to address proposed regulation changes to Prince William Sound and Upper Copper/Upper Susitna finfish. The Chitina Dipnetters Association (CDA) through member and public support was able to send three board members to the meeting to represent Chitina Personal Use Dipnetters.

We were successful in passage of our proposal 39, which raises the dip net salmon bag limit in the personal use dip net fishery at Chitina. The proposal was structured around increasing the bag limit depending on the number of household members in a permit holder's family and on standardizing the bag limit between the South Central and the Chitina Personal Use Dip Net fisheries. With passage of 39, the Chitina Personal Use Dip Net Fishery (CPUDF) bag limit for the 2015 season will be 25 salmon for a permit holder plus 10 salmon for each additional household member. The king salmon limit remains at 1 and supplemental periods were eliminated. This means that a single person can take 25 salmon, a household of 2 can take 35 salmon, a household of four 55 salmon, and so on.

All other proposals of interest to CDA, except 34, failed. Below is a quick rundown.

  • Prop. 18 prohibit rolling up king salmon in drift gill nets-- failed
  • Prop. 33 establish OEG 28,000 king salmon escapement in the Copper River--failed
  • Prop. 34 additional king salmon management tools in Glennallen subsistence fishery--passed
  • Prop. 35 no mono-filament in dip nets—failed
  • Prop. 36 dip net and subsistence fisheries not remove king from water if to be released--failed
  • Prop. 37 Chitina dip net and subsistence check station—failed
  • Prop. 38 re-establish June 1 as earliest opener for Chitina PU dip net fishery—failed
  • Prop. 40 PU dip net charter log book—failed
  • Prop. 41 repeal PU dip net allocation reduction—failed
  • Prop. 42 reduce PU dip net allocation to 100,000 salmon—failed
  • Prop. 43 establish 3,000 king allocation for PU dip net fishery—failed
  • Prop. 44 prohibit commercial fishing till 1 salmon has passed sonar counter—failed
  • Prop. 45 repeal commercial fishing mandatory inside water closures—failed
  • Prop. 46 restrict commercial king home pack to mirror sport fish bag limit—failed

At the BOF meeting, CDA views were supported by in-person testimony from two Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee members Mike Kramer and Andrew Glasgow. Their help was invaluable.

Although there was some apprehension about a trip to a BOF meeting held in the hometown of the Prince William Sound commercial fleet, knowing the time and expense it took to attend this meeting, we were treated with respect and welcomed by the BOF and the residents of Cordova.
Chuck proudly wore his Chitina Dipnetter Association shirt throughout the meeting.